Maverick ET-733 Dual Probe Long Range Wireless Digital Thermometer Set: $49.99 After Coupon Code 5EUBTJ62 (lowest price ever, #1 best seller)

This Maverick Thermometer and it’s predecessor are widely regarded on BBQ and Big Green Egg forums as the best remote thermometer for the money. An additional $20 off with coupon code 5EUBTJ62 makes this a no-brainer. Make sure DB Roth is the seller in order for the code to apply.

The Best Free Kindle Books 3/26/2015. 4 Stars or better with 43 or more reviews each. 15 eBooks total today.

Here are today’s best free Kindle Books from AtoZwire.com, direct from Amazon and Amazon.co.uk. They are all well-reviewed (4 stars or better with at least 25 reviews each) by Amazonians like you and me, so rest assured that you won’t have to scroll through a bunch of garbage to find a good free book to read right now. Since these books are only free for a limited time, be sure the price is $0.00 before checking out.

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Anker Compact Car 400A Peak Current Jump Starter and 10000mAh Portable USB Charger: $59.99 After Coupon Code FLVYCLGE (lowest price ever, perfect reviews)

It’s not often that innovation gives us piece of mind that is also convenient and inexpensive.  This device is small enough to fit in your bag, backpack or glovebox, yet it provides a huge amount of power for USB-charged phones and electronics as well as the ability to jump start your vehicle. Heck – it even has a flashlight!  This and a multi-tool are must-haves in my car’s glovebox.