The Best Free Kindle Books 07/30/2014. 4 Stars or better with 40 or more reviews each. 15 eBooks total today.

Here are today’s best free Kindle Books from, direct from Amazon and They are all well-reviewed (4 stars or better with at least 25 reviews each) by Amazonians like you and me, so rest assured that you won’t have to scroll through a bunch of garbage to find a good free book to read right now. Since these books are only free for a limited time, be sure the price is $0.00 before checking out.

Happy reading, everyone!

Today’s Best Free Kindle books. ( [US]
Today’s Best Free Kindle books. ( [UK]

Mindspeak by Heather Sunseri (4.5 Stars, 216 Reviews)
Slow-Cook Yourself Skinny (Low Fat, Low Calorie Slow Cooker Meals Book 1) by Sara Winlet (4.0 Stars, 144 Reviews)
The Summer I Learned to Dive by Shannon McCrimmon (4.2 Stars, 145 Reviews)
A Rush to Violence (Book Five in the Fifth Avenue Series) by Christopher Smith (4.5 Stars, 183 Reviews)
Everyone Burns (Time, Blood and Karma Book 1) by John Dolan (4.2 Stars, 141 Reviews) (more…)