Blue & Red Waterproof Christmas Laser Lights w/Wireless Remote : $39.99 (lowest price ever, excellent reviews)

The fascination I’ve developed for these things is accidentally making me an expert on them. This is the best unit I’ve seen (actual lasers, not just fragmented LEDs) at the best price. If you like Blue and Red, this is the unit to get. Most homes could use just one, but any home will see a massive benefit from two units.

Remote Controllable RGB Laser Outdoor Garden Landscape Light: $114.99 (lowest price ever, excellent reviews)

We’ve all seen the cheap $20 projectors at Lowes and Home Depot by now – they take a few LEDs and fragment the light with a plastic faceted dome. This is far beyond that and uses actual lasers. Sure, it’s more expensive, but it’s what you really want if you’r going to decorate your home with projected light. The $115 price is good today only.