Dam! This Hoover Smartwash really cleans my carpet.

At 9:00 in the morning I was staring at a large new box in my living room while drinking my coffee. There was no surprise as to what it was, it clearly had the item pictured with Hoover “Our Best cleaning full size carpet cleaner” written on it, but no one can resist a new box that has just arrived. “Well Hoover, I’ll be the judge of that” I say with the cat as my only audience.

Hoover Smartwash box

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

My husband ceremoniously dropped the box inside the front door as he headed out to work with a “Here it is if you want to give it a go but don’t feel like you have to today.” I work from home part time, and we have two girls to wrangle after school, but with that box starring me down I knew I would have to at least open it.

So I opened the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner box to check it out.  I might as well take it out and see how hard it would be to assemble. 


Picture Pamphlets! My favorite kind of instructions.

Inside there was a book. Let me be clear. I do not, DO NOT, read instructions. Gasp! Call me an idiot, I don’t care. I am one of those. If I see a book I am tossing it aside and then pulling, pushing and cursing until I get it together or break it, whichever comes first.  Wait a sec. This isn’t a complicated set of instructions, this is just a pamphlet with assembly pictures and use. It even has a quick reference card on how to remove the Smartwash from the box. These people KNOW me. A single tear rolls down my cheek.


Isn’t it a nifty bag?

Apart from the booklet, I pull the Styrofoam out to find just a few easy to snap together parts, a little bottle of cleaning solution, and a bag with the cleaning attachment and hose in it. I took just a minute to appreciate this bag. It’s big enough to hold the hose, has air holes at the bottom, snaps closed at the top, and even has a hook for storage. Thank you Hoover.

Now I have it all assembled, and it’s quite clean and new age looking, not at all like the other cleaner I have sitting in the garage. I have come this far so I might as well try it out, right?

Carpet cleaner

All shiny and clean and new age looking.

Now, I would rather be outside gardening than cleaning my house. My girls love to build forts, play in creeks and gather fossils and rocks. We have two cats and a dog, who after 10 years decided she would take her revenge on us for the addition of more cats and pee on our landing carpet randomly. You can imagine the status of said carpet. The last time I did a good carpet cleaning of all the bedrooms and landing was the week of Christmas, and I used my other carpet cleaner. About a month later our youngest decided to put makeup on her creepy makeup head doll (the thing is so creepy) and smeared cheap lipstick, and I don’t know what else (eye shadow, I think) into the carpet. The dog also did a “screw you humans” protest and peed again on the landing. At this point I did a “f*ck it” hands in the air and only did a minimum job of cleaning up both resulting in stains left behind. My grumbles of the stains are what lead to my husband dropping a “better carpet cleaner” at the door this morning.

Off I went to try this thing out. I threw away all the bits of paper and cheap trinkets the girls had laying around and vacuumed the area with the makeup stains.  All the while the creepy doll head stares past me.

Stain on carpet

Creepy doll head

The instructions for filling the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner were simple. You add warm water to the water tank. There was no max line or indicator so I filled it about three fourths of the way up. The cleaning solution went in a compartment in the back, and it said to “fill to top of tank.” I poured the whole bottle that came with it in and it filled the tank, again, about three fourths full. Both tanks were very easy to pull out and reattach, and the water tank had a nifty little built in handle that make it super easy and light to carry. Once I had it full I had to step back and admire it. Note that the front compartments are all clear plastic. I am convinced that is so you can “see” it working. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all that dirty water fill up the tank. It lets you know how hard it is you are working.

Carpet cleaner in use

Gross, look at all that dirty water. Yet, it is so satisfying.

I didn’t have any Hoover pre-treatment solution so I skipped that step and went straight into the cleaning. This cleaner was so easy to use. It glides like a large vacuum and there is no button on the trigger to spray solution, which every carpet cleaner I have used had. It will automatically dispense the amount needed when you push forward then will dry as you pull back. I liked that since I always was uncertain on how long to hold the trigger on other machines. You can see this with a “wash” and “dry” light on the front base. After a few rounds of washing then drying you turn it off, remove the cleaning solution tank, turn it back on and repeat the movement. Now, it is rinsing out the carpet. When you are done rinsing there is a “dry” button next to the handle and you can now dry the carpet further. I checked after the rinse step and again after the dry step and honestly didn’t notice much of a difference but it really wasn’t very wet either time.

The smaller stains came up but I still had a large lipstick stain and some other stain, I don’t know what and I don’t want to know.  They were lighter but still there. Okay, I will have to break out the hose and attachment. I had to open the book for these instructions but found them quickly or I would have given up. There are two types of brushes for the attachment. One a bristle for scrubbing and one a rubber nub insert for hygienic clean ups. I went with the bristle. Again, it was easy to attach. There is a door on the lower front that opens for the hose and you just shove in the hose. The brush end has a trigger that you use to release or “pre-treat” an area before pulling back with the brush. Same plan applies to cleaning with the brush attachment. Wash, rinse, dry.

You know what? It came up. Well, not 100% but I think if I had used a pre-treatment spray it would have. It came up enough that I can’t tell it was ever there if I turn off the light and stand by the door. Take that creepy doll head!

Clean carpet

No more makeup!

Since that was a success I decided to move onto the pee spot on the landing. For this one I vacuumed again and started off with the rubber nub brush (hygienic clean up remember) as a pre-treatment to the area. Afterwards I unhooked the hose and used the regular cleaner on the area with the wash, rinse, dry method. I decided I would also hit a large spot on the landing that I have tried for a couple of years to get out. I was really pleased with all the results. The only hiccup I had was at one point I heard a suction sound and noticed I wasn’t seeing any dirty water returning. I checked and my warm water tank was empty so I refilled but I still got the same issue when I tried again. Finally I checked the dirty water tank and found there was a bobber and a max line, I told you I don’t read things beforehand. After dumping that everything worked fine.

On every level I really liked the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner better than my other cleaner that I have used for a couple of years. I liked that the water goes in a separate tank from the cleaner and a third tank for the dirty water. I always had to eyeball how much cleaner went in the water for the other cleaner and dump dirty water from the same tank as the clean solution. I also liked how easy it was to put together and use right out of the box, how easy it glided and moved. The handle was so much more comfortable on the Hoover. It is still heavy to carry up stairs but really I think any carpet cleaner would be. I was much more pleased with the end results of the Hoover vs. the other cleaner as well.

Now, to leave all this where I finished with it, the box open in the middle of the living room and finish my cup of coffee. Am I a domestic goddess? Today I am.             

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